How to clean a corset?

Every corset has a label with cleaning instruction where you can find following symbols:

1. Do not wash
2. Dry clean
3. Do not iron
4. Do not bleach

We recommend dry cleaning only because it's safe and protects corset from damage.
Why we don't recommend washing? Every corset is made of three layers. The first layer (fashion fabric) is reinforced with interfacing which may come off if soaked up water.
This may cause wrinkles on fabric.
Only a small cleaning with wet cloth is acceptable.

To keep the corset fresh, take it off after wearing and let it dry.
Put it to the closet or box afterwards.
In order to get rid of bacteria and stale smell put your dry corset to the plastic bag and put it to the freezer for 1 hour.
Repeating this from time to time can help to keep your corset in good condition.