About Us

Rebel Madness
is a Polish fashion brand. We specialize in making corsets of finest materials to pay attention to details and high quality. We are responsible for every stage of production starting with project through cutting and sewing, ending with details such as lace and guipure attaching and doing eyelets. The entire productions is located in the heart of Poland, in Lodz, the city of textile roots. We are proud to maintain and develop Lodz’s tradition of textile manufacturing. By choosing our product, you support the local market and Polish production industry and economy. We cooperate with local supplicates therefore many of decoration elements and accessories are made in Poland. Existing since 2008 we constantly develop our skills and ideas for better quality of our products. In current version of our store we present you “BASIC” category where you can find all classic plain made to order corsets. “Unique collections” is another important place where short and limited series of corsets will appear. The main goal of our brand is to grow which affects our offer will be wider and new products will show up.

About our corsets

All our corsets are made to shape the body. The pattern is based on 19th century corsets and remade to meet modern standards. Thanks to unique construction our corsets can provide hourglass shape to every woman. If you think of waist training Rebel Madness corsets will be a right choice. To achieve comfort of wear and highest level of waist reduction we use spiral steel bones because they are strong, durable and flexible. Every corset includes 1,5cm wide busk clasp made of stainless steel. It helps to support and flat your stomach. The entire skeleton is strengthened by flat bones located at the front and back to help your back remain straight.