How to choose the right corset length?

Długość tułowia

Princess seam

The crucial measurements to find the right corset length are distance from waist to top trim (measurement D) and distance from waist to the down trim (measurement E).
You will find these measurements in every size chart.

Choosing the right corset length depends on torso length. We can assume that the higher the person is, the longer corset is needed. There are some exceptions to this rule, e.g. a short person with a long torso.

So how should you measure yourself to choose the right corset length?

A red line in picture is called "princess seam".
Princess seam is a kind of seam used in fitting clothes like dresses, blouses or shirts to add shaping or a tailored fit to closely follow a woman's shape.

It starts from the armpit through the center of the breast, forming continuous line down.
This line allows to know the place of checking the distance D and E to determine the appropriate corset length.
Gdzie jest talia

Where is my waist?

It's best to start with finding out where your waist is located and tie a bow as picture shows so we can have a reference point to move forward. The waist is always the narrowest point of torso, usually located around the navel or above it.

When we finally know where is waistline, we can go to the measurement D.

Potrzebny centymetr krawiecki

Measuring tape

Stand upright in front of the mirror. Take a measuring tape and measure the distance from under bust to the waist, where princess seam is located.
This will help you to know the measurement D. Compare the result with the size chart of the corset style you are interested in.
Usually top edge of the corset reaches the under bust, although this is not always the case.

It's worth remembering that sometimes corset in section D may be shorter and doesn't go up to the under bust line like "waspie" corset does.
Gdzie kończy się gorset

Where does the corset end?

Another important measurement is section E. First check the E measurement in the right size chart of the corset style you consider to purchase, for example the E measurement of standard undebust corset is 16 cm.
Again, stand upright in front of the mirror and measure the distance from waist to the bottom of princess seam. In this particular example we use standard underbust corset E measurement which is 16cm.

After that you are able to determine whether the corset ends in right place.
Wykonaj test siadania

Sitting test

You can also perform a sitting test but it's not completely certain as body goes up while sitting.
Regardless, it's worth checking the corset doesn't touch thighs too hard while sitting.
Once again measure the distance from waist towards the bottom of princess seam while sitting.
Use E measurement of corset style you want to test, in this particular example we use E measurement of standard underbust corset which is 16cm.
If the measuring tape significantly touches the thighs it means the corset would probably be to long.
Exception to this rule are plus size women because usually body tends to move down while wearing a corset therefore in this case we recommend to add 2 - 4cm to the waist-thigh measurement to make sure the corset will support the stomach.

By applying these rules you are able to determine correct corset length.