How to find the right corset size?

3 obwody

3 girths

The most important are three measurements named in the picture as A, B, C
D measurement is only a reference point.

A - underbust girth
(A place where usually bra edge ends)

B - waist girth
(The narrowest point of torso, usually located around the navel or above it)

C - high hips girth
(Halfway between waist and low hips)

D - low hips girth
(The widest piont of hip line)

The key measurement for choosing the right size is B (waist girth). The remaining measurements, A and C should be similar or smaller comparing to the figures A and C from size chart of corset style you consider to purchase.

Wymiary w tabeli

Size chart

All measurements in every size chart refer to fully laced up corset. After checking your body measurements compare them with size chart to find right size.
In case of Waspie corset, the A measurement is below the under bust girth.
As for the overbust corsets, the A girth refears to circumference of the breast at nipples level.

For better effect of waist reduction it's best to choose a smaller size than your natural waist size up to 15cm depending on the desired result. In case of body measurements A and C, they may be larger up to 10cm comparing to the figures from size chart.

A corset selected this way should provide a good waist reduction not only at the beginning but also in the future, when body gets used to the corset. After some time your body adopts to the corset reaching perfect fitting, nice curves and more waist shaping opportunities.
A process of adjusting body to the corset is called "seasoning", which involves gradually accustoming the waist with reduction, which allows you to achieve perfect fitting after a while.

Jak więc dobrać?

So how to choose the right size?

For example if your waist is around 71cm you should chose 22" - S because there is 13-14cm of difference between your waist and the corset.

Every corset has a 16cm wide panel to fill the back gap if not fully laced up.
You can freely adjust the level of fit by lacing the corset more or less tightly as long as the panel covers the back.
In general if corset closes in the back fully the first time you tried it on, it means it's too big.
The back gap is useful because makes a room for further reduction when body get used to the corset.

Pay attention you look at the right size chart because we have 7 different corset types, each corset has its own size chart.
All corset cut styles are presented and described at home page.
Our offerings cater to a wide range of interests and preferences.

Every woman has a different figure and silhouette. It may happen that two different women with same measurements can wear two different corset sizes.
It all depends on anatomical matters and individual reduction predispositions. A person with significant muscle tissue has a different potential for waist reduction than a person with more fat on stomach and hips, which makes the selection of right size depends on the many conditions :)
Of course, nothing can replace a real fitting, so remember that you can always exchange the corset for a different size or cut.
Also please be noted that too small corset will not reduce your waist better than a well-chosen size. If you have any doubts or questions about size selection don't hesitate to contact us!